Pre-order for Dec.21, 22 and 23   
*Not accepting any items not on online menu, or substitution for pre-order.
Open for Walk-in shopping from 9 am, you'll see our regular pastries in store.
Pre-payment via Interac e-transfer will be requires within 24 hrs after placing order.
(*This is different from last year, you can send a payment right after you place an order. We will send you confirmation email after your payment, note your Order number in memo.)

***Once you submit your order, you will receive Auto-reply message to your email right away.
If you don't receive it, that means your order did not go thorough.
2 main reasons you don't receive Auto-reply are 
  • Insert wrong email address  on online form.
  • The item in the cart was last one in stock and someone else submit the order earlier than you while you are ordering online.

    Pick up 9:30 am - 2pm