Please order by DEC.17th for all whole cakes. Whole cakes are limited quantities, please contact us as early as possible. Also Croissants, quiches, baguettes, etc, please order ahead for picking up during the holiday hours.

Ordering by email ONLY

Please order by email to

Buche de Noel will be available to pick up from DEC.21st to DEC.24th.

We will be open on Sunday 22nd,Monday 23rd, Tuesday 24th, 9am-3 pm

Special Christmas cake

Buche Royal  (ブッシュ ロイヤル)

Dark chocolate mousse with caramel whipped cream, gluten-free chocolate sponge, and praline crunch. 


 6   servings  $36    

10  servings  $54


Buche Rouge (ブッシュ ルージュ)

A light mascarpone and cream cheese mousse, layered of

raspberry compote, white chocolate whipped cream and vanilla genoise.

Decorating with pink covered and chocolate pieces.


6   servings  $36

10  serving   $54

Buche Mont-blanc    (ブッシュ モンブラン)

Chestnut paste vanilla roll cake with rum syrup, whipped cream, and

bruton-cookie. Chestnut mousseline on top.


 6  servings  $36

10  servings  $54


X'mas Strawberry Short Cake (クリスマス ショートケーキ)

Layered sponge cake, whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Decorating with Christmas chocolate pieces.


6  servings  $35

8  servings  $46

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Please contact us sooner , We will finish taking all whole cake orders on Tuesday, DEC 17th. All whole cakes are limited quantity.
We try our best to accommodate your order, but due to the high volume of  orders, we cannot guarantee all requests.
We may require the deposit to confirm your order.
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