Due to the Covid-19 physical distancing policy, we offer only "Take Out" service. *No delivery service available.
Open for 'In-Store' shopping. 4 customers at a time.


  Order policy 

● Click "WHOLE CAKE" page to place an order.

Pre-order by previous week Thursday for Tue/Wed/Thu pick-up.

Pre-order by Sunday for Fri/Sat pick-up. 


​●Email us for pre-ordering for other items. Not for Special event's weekend.

  - Croissants, cream puffs, cream caramels, macarons, quiches, baguettes required 3-days advance notice by e-mail.

  - Do not accept any orders on same-day or less than 3-days notice.

 * Accepting minimum order $20 

 * Not accepting the individual size cakes, We have some exceptions, (i.e. more than 6 cakes for one kind )

● No menu for pastries: we have various items available which do change seasonally based on product availability. Available for Walk-ins.

● Not accepting orders by telephone or on-site: to better serve our customers in-store as quickly as possible and to minimize wait times, especially with the current COVID-19 physical distancing policy.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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